bussy mcbusface coffee, seaford

Not only does this bus have THE best name that you will ever hear, it also serves THE best coffee!
Bussy McBusface stays stationery during the week at its Seaford location, and on weekends it is on the loose around markets and events.
From the window you can buy delcious Commonfolk coffee, teas, speciality drinks like black sesame chai, beetroot and tumeric lattes, toasties, home-made baked goods - as well as being licensed.
They also serve amazing home-made soda, which is made right there in the distillery. A lower sugar and much tastier alternative to traditional soft-drinks.
Not only does this little shed house all these goodies - but it is also a distillery, too! That Spirited Lot make their own small-batch gin - and it is AMAZING! You can sample some from 11am.
This is a family-run business and you just couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people! Head down there, have a chat and check out all that they offer.

Mamma's special mention: 
Whist stopping for a coffee, make some time to sample some AMAZING gin from That Spirited Lot distillery out the back!

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
7am - 1pm

12pm - 3pm

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