chocolate grove, carrum downs

It's no secret that Mamma LOVES chocolate. So upon discovering that there is a chocolate shop nearby, it was simply a MUST to visit.
These chocolates are homemade and delicious and the prices are great. 
Little Miss could not WAIT to get her hands on a giant Smartie pizza! Mamma can't go past the white chocolate raspberries. YUM!

There are lot of novelty chocolates like footballs, Transformers, chickens and Easter eggs all year round!
Perfect for that last minute gift! But let's be honest - there doesn't have to be a special occasion to drop in!

It is also a small living history museum of sorts, providing information and graphic designs/packaging of chocolate bars of the past.

Mamma's special mention:  
Looking to burn off some of that sugar? Head up the road to Gravity Zone


The nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
12pm - 4pm
Sunday - closed

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50 Aster Ave, Carrum Downs

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