coffee train cafe, seaford

Where else can you have a dog's breakfast? Like, literally - A. Dogs. Breakfast?

Yep, this is what happens once a month at this terrific dog - and kid-friendly cafe. Bring your dog and treat him to free samples!

With a shaded, spacious courtyard - perfect for prams to fit and puppies to frolic;  an inside kids corner complete with train tracks, light up oven, tea set, books and more - it's perfect to keep all the kids (canine and human) entertained through every season.

This cafe is very cute, with its train theme running throughout. Each table is named as a train station, there are local artwork and old photographs of local train stations and trains spread throughout; as well as a bookshelf full of books based on local attraction.
Delicious food and coffee, served by wonderfully friendly staff. 

Mamma's special mention: located close to Kananook Creek Walking Trail, mamma suggests a walking adventure before or after your visit?


the nitty gritty

7am - 4pm
Tueday - CLOSED
Wed- Fri
 7am - 4pm
saturday and sunday
8am - 4pm