gelato unou, seaford

Mamma’s gonna call it - this may just be the BEST ice-cream in the South!
It’s a big call, but this ice-cream is simply amazing.

Hand-made to perfection with flavour combinations that you just can’t find at your regular ice-creamery. Mamma’s favourite is the cremino. This is absolute heaven in your mouth; a mix of coffee, hazelnut and caramel. AMAZING.

All the flavours look incredible, and you can sample some to find the one you want. But be warned, this causes major anxiety in trying to choose just one! Luckily, they allow you to have two flavours in one scoop cones or cups!

Situated across the road from the beach, it’s the perfect spot to retreat to after a stroll or swim.

They also sell delicious frozen desserts and ice-cream cakes; as well as dutch pancakes for the colder days. But let’s be honest… it’s never too cold for ice-cream!

Mamma's special mention:
Feel like burning off some of that sugar? Head around the corner to Bayside Rock Climbing!


The nitty gritty 

Monday - Sunday
11am - 8pm

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125A Nepean Hwy, Seaford

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