peninsula blvd, seaford

Inside the magic shed that is home to Bussy McBusface and That Spirited Lot, is also home of the delicious, handmade, fruity soda syrup brand - Peninsula Blvd.
Here you can buy some ready made refreshing soda - choose from lemonade, berry, lime and Mamma’s fave - pink grapefruit. Match it with a tasty jaffle and brunch is sorted!

These sodas are made right there in the distillery using fresh fruit juices. You can also buy bottles to take home and mix with soda water. They’re a lower sugar and much tastier alternative to traditional soft-drinks, and kids will love the flavours. Of course, these are not just for kids! The flavours are a perfect match for vodka and gin (especially Ninch Gin) or just to mix with soda water. They’re Mamma’s new favourite drink! (Vodka and Pink Grapefruit anyone?)
This is a family-run business and you just couldn’t meet a nicer and more passionate bunch of people! Head down there, have a chat and sample all that they offer in this magic shed!

Mamma's special mention: 
Get in early on a weekday and have a delicious coffee from Bussy McBusface or taste some delicious gin from That Spirited Lot after 11am.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
7am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm

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