rebel donuts, mornington

Did you ever wonder why a donut is called a 'do-nut'? As it isn't actually a nut, right?
Well here is some interesting Mamma trivia for you - it is rumoured to be due to the fact that original donuts were dough that was flavoured with nuts, and they also used to be baked with hazelnuts in the middle where the dough might not cook through! Interesting, hey! 
But, of course, the only thing that really matters about donuts is that they are DELICIOUS!

The GREAT news is that an INCREDIBLE new donut shop has literally just opened its doors in Mornington. These donuts are amazing! With flavours like white chocolate truffle, nutella, creme brulee, strawberry with white choc flakes and many more - including, of course, jam filled!

AND there is an ice-cream bar as well, just to ensure that you truly indulge in all the deliciousness!
You really need to do yourself a favour and head here ASAP! Mamma says you MUST try the white truffle - so good!

Mamma's special mention
Grab some donuts to take away and take the kids to the wonderful Messy Shed for a play! They will be kept busy whilst you indulge!

the nitty gritty

Open this week from 2pm to 5pm
normal opening hours from 8th January 2018
Mon - Sun 6am - 10pm


968A Nepean Hwy, Mornington

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