that spirited lot, seaford

That Spirited Lot is a small-batch distillery, tucked away in a little warehouse in Seaford. They specialise in gin, with their label - Ninch Dry Gin - and it is AMAZING!
It’s made with patience and care, by passionate brothers, whose love and knowledge of the industry is clearly evident.
You can sample some from 11 -12 pm week days, or 12 - 3 Saturdays.

Attached to the distillery is the fantastic Bussy McBusface. Serving amazing coffee and toasties. They also serve (and sell take home bottles) of delicious home-made soda, which is made right there in the distillery. A lower sugar and much tastier alternative to traditional soft-drinks, and is the perfect accompaniment to the delicious gin!
This is a family-run business and you just couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people! Head down there, have a chat and check out all that they offer.

Mamma's special mention: 
Get in early on a weekday and have a delicious coffee from Bussy McBusface or a soda from the delicious Peninsula BLVD.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
7am - 12pm

Tastings after 11am only
12pm - 3pm

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