the butler's den, elwood

Idyllically located beside the gorgeous Elwood beach, amongst lush leafy surroundings, is this delicious gem.

It's no secret that this Mamma is a major caffeine addict - and ok, throw chocoholic into the mix, too. So when there is a menu serving iced mocha with a unique spin - it was begging to be sampled!
So first you have a frozen espresso ball in an icy-cold glass. Then you have a little jug of hot chocolate milk that you slowly pour over; and voila - an exquisite iced mocha is created!

Not to be outdone by a beverage, the rest of the menu is filled with decadent, delicious and daintily presented dishes.
Mamma will be back to sample the nutella and fairy floss waffles- with a caramel sauce that just screams to be eaten!

Mamma's special mention
You might feel like a walk after all of that deliciousness; conveniently located directly outside is a walking track that will lead you to Point Ormond. Which offers amazing views and also a playground!

the nitty gritty

Monday - Sunday
8am to 4.30pm

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63B Ormond Esplanade

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