the cake cottage, frankston

Mamma LOVES a freakshake. In moderation, of course! There's no doubt about it, they are a decadent-sugar-overload that are best shared; but this mamma sure has a sweet tooth!
The Cake Cottage has 12 ultimate flavours to choose from; topped with things like sour straps, marshmallow, honeycomb, fairy-floss, ice-cream, cookies, nutella and cakes to name a few!
What is a better match to a milkshake than a delicious melt-in-your-mouth cupcake? 
This cottage also serves the most amazingly tasty cakes. You can't go past the scrumptious raspberry and fresh cream flavour. 

Not only can you enjoy deliciously sweet treats here, but you can buy all of your cake baking needs - plus order fully personalised cakes, too! AND kids can have cooking classes during the holidays as well as having cake making parties that include freakshakes, lolly buffet and take home cake that you have decorated! 

Warning: Consuming a freakshake WILL produce a massive sugar high - be prepared for lots of uncontrollable laughter and possible dancing in the streets!

Mamma's special mention
Mamma says you will need to burn off that sugar! Head down the road to the wonderful Ballam Park and run off the excess energy!

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm
9am - 4pm
Sunday - closed

note - Freakshakes stop being made half an hour before closing time.

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26 Wells St, Frankston

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