the cupcake queens, frankston

How good are cupcakes, right?
And if you haven’t tried one from here, where have you been?! They don’t call themselves the cupcake QUEENS for nothing! These are tiny morsels of pure heaven.
The only problem you will have at this new eat-in store in Frankston, is deciding which flavour to get - and stopping at one!
Mamma’s Little Miss takes decision making very seriously, but can never go past pink icing! The Rocky Road is a winner. Mamma’s favourite is a tie between the carrot and the white choc + raspberry; both are simply sensational.

With this awesome eat-in shop, you can now sit down and savour each bite, enjoy a side of coffee - or perhaps a milkshake - and decide which delicious flavour you will choose next time.
The Cupcake Queens also make your party a little easier with their range of large themed cakes; Unicorn Party anyone?

Mamma's special mention: 
Burn off that sugary goodness with a play at Frankston Foreshore Reserve or George Pentland Playground.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Wednesday
9am - 5.30pm
Thursday - Friday
9am - 8.30pm
Saturday - 9am - 5pm
Sunday - 10am - 5pm

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