glow winter arts festival, malvern east

Looking for an after dinner adventure? One that requires you to wait till dark, to pull out all the winter gear and explore an enchanted wonderland? You are in luck. Central Park in Malvern East has exploded with light and a little bit of magic this week as part of Stonnington City Council's Glow Winter Arts Festival

Award winning Mandylights will present The Laser Garden, an immersive installation of thousands of rotating green laser beams. The rays catch the air in clouds of dense fog and with a lick of wind, the garden changes in shape and size as visitors roam freely through the beams.

Revive the Reef by S1T2 is a work that asks us to think about our precious environment and in particular, The Great Barrier Reef, a natural treasure unlike any other place on earth. Step into a magical underwater landscape and work with friends and strangers to unwind the pressures threatening the Reef. Together, you’ll transform a bleached white Reef into a kaleidoscope of colour and real Reef sounds.

Neon Glow and Neon Night Garden by Carla O’Brien is back brighter than ever as oversized multi-coloured neon GLOW letters, the neon Night Garden Archway, neon umbrellas, neon flamingo, the neon tree and the neon kite light up Malvern East.

Between the Trees by Melinda Hetzel & Co is part interactive tree-installation, part collaborative musical instrument, creating a magical world of plants, humans, music and light. Inspired by the connectivity of mycelium, 'the internet of the forest', this playful, immersive experience gently reminds us of our connectedness to the natural world and each other. Between the Trees invites participants to 'play' the installation by interacting with suspended, miniature ecospheres, creating original compositions together in real time.

Anthropic Augmentation by Caroline Packham is a choreographed performance with four handheld projectors that explore an imagined future memoir of the Yarra River. The public are invited to participate by sending a letter/poem to this future humanised Yarra and a performance artist will facilitate letter/poetry writing at performance events.


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the nitty gritty

August 16 - 19 , 2018


6pm - 10pm   

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Central Park, Kingston Street, Malvern East 

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