crystal world & prehistoric journeys exhibitions, devon meadows

This place is quite extraordinary. There’s so many aspects to explore!
Firstly, you cannot go past the majestic Rosie the shark - who has only recently been moved to her new home. She was found in an abandoned old theme-park and after a huge ‘save Rosie’ social media campaign, the crew for Crystal World knew that they just had to re-home her. It is an incredibly large and expensive task to get her back to her former glory and restore her in her new forever home.
It is quite an experience getting up close to a shark that massive, and hopefully the ONLY time you ever will!

Then there’s all the dinosaur statues you can check out. Mamma’s little Mr is quite the dino fan, so this blew his mind! Spread out over a grassy paddock, including a bridge and pond you can sit amongst dinos of all sizes. Very cool.

Then, of course, are the hundreds of crystals, fossils, meteorites, gems and jewellery that you can check out and purchase. There are crates upon crates of these precious stones, ranging from one to thousands of dollars!

This experience is free and definitely one to add to your list!

Mamma's special mention:  
Make a day of it and head down the road to the awesome Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

* Note *
You can donate to help with the expensive task of restoring Rosie by contributing here.

the nitty gritty

10am - 5pm
7 days

Free entry

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