luna park, st kilda

You can't mistake that iconic clown's smile that is synonymous with happiness! Luna Park is an all-time favourite!!

The experience is always just a little bit magical, no matter how many times you visit. It brings back memories of that first time you screamed on the Ghost Train, of when your stomach dropped going down the huge descent on the Scenic Railway - and of the magical view of the South on top of the Ferris Wheel.

A visit here is a family treat and the joy on the kids faces is priceless - it truly is the land of happiness! Bring your own food to keep costs low, and if you live locally, consider an annual pass - it's exceptional value. Also if you are a RACV member, there are discounts available.

Oh Luna Park is situated smack bang in the middle of a foodies paradise, there is no shortage of dining options should you wish to eat before hand. Why not check out the fabulous Jerry's Milkbar? Or go for a walk along the St Kilda Pier

Special Mention
There’s always something fun happening here during the holidays! Like Christmas in July.

the nitty gritty

Every weekend from 11 to 6
and weekdays during School and Public Holidays. 

Entry is $2
Under 3 is free
4 person Family Pass - $149.95
13 +/Adults - Unlimited - $49.95
single ride $10.95
4-12 - Unlimited -$39.95
Single ride -$9.95
0-3 - Unlimited -$17.95
Single ride -$4.95

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