mini trains, moorabbin

On the first Sunday of every month, you will find the loveliest bunch of volunteers - of the golden age - driving miniature steam engines and bringing delight to hundreds of little children and adults alike!
The Steam Locomotive Society of Victoria have been running trains since 1970 in Rowans Rd.
At just $2.50 a ride, a price that has only risen 50 cents in the last decade, it's incredibly cheap for the enjoyment that these little trains bring monthly to hundreds of children. Their little squeals of delight and smiles that go for miles,  make it a very enjoyable experience for parents and grandparents to watch.
Adults can also ride with children aged under 5 for free, so they too get to experience the thrill of the bumpy, twisting, turning, smoky ride too!
There are three different tracks that you can take a journey on - each with different attractions. The smaller of the three you get to have 3 laps of. The trains are all modelled off Thomas and Friends characters. If you look closely, you are sure to see the resemblance to Thomas, James, Toby, Percy and more. 
This is one event you want to mark in your calendar, as one visit is just not enough!

Mamma's special mention: one tip to remember, all riders must wear enclosed shoes. Any sight of toes and you wont be able to ride. 

the nitty gritty

1.30pm to 4pm
the first Sunday of every month.

$2.50 per ride. Adults are free with kids under 5