ripe n ready cherry farm, red hill

How good are cherries!

Do you love the dark red juicy ones, or the pink, sour ones? Mamma loves them all and they are DELICIOUS at this lovely farm!
You can opt to just enter and pick your own to eat whilst there - or you can grab a bucket and take them home to eat later.

There are heaps of trees and plenty of cherries to pick when you go during peak season. The trees are a good height so even the little ones can reach.

There’s also a bee farm here which offers delicious honey to purchase.

Fancy a bit of Trout fishing? You can also fish here in their trout fishing dam.

Lots to do here, and such a picturesque place to spend the day. Oh, keep and eye out for some gorgeous cows grazing in the fields, too!

Mamma's special mention
Keep the fun times rolling a have a spot of fishing at the Trout Farm here.
There’s so much to explore in Red Hill!
If you’re hungry, head to Red Gum BBQ. Want some Strawberries, head to Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm.

the nitty gritty

$15 entry fee - eat as many as you like.
$5 for 5 - 12 yrs.
Kids under 5 enter free
Cherries collected are charged per kg (from $10 - $35)
Pick your own cherries open from early November - mid January

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52 Arkwells Ln, Red Hill

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