the big goose, moorooduc

You may think if you have seen one animal farm, then you have seen them all. Let mamma assure you, this is most definitely not the case. Yes, it is a farm. Yes, it does have animals. But it is so much more.
There are so many animals of every variety. Gaggles of geese, calves, baby goats and sheep - everywhere you turn there are more babies

Inside, the kids get to cuddle bunnies, guinea pigs, goslings, baby goats and blue tongue lizards.
Stroll out to the farm and see geese waddling along freely, making quite a racket. Pass by brightly coloured birds, humongous pigs, cows that chase you, beautiful horses, sleepy kangaroos and so many more animals.

The kids excitement will peak when they view the massive bouncy pillow. Once you can drag them away, take a ride on the tractor. With the kids legs dangling off the side, take a 10 minute drive around the farm. From this prime position you can view the beauty of this place, as well us have up-close encounters with all of the animals.

Then there's the magnificent, multi-level playground. Fun for all ages, having a smaller sandpit area for the young ones, and more adventurous offerings for older kids. 

This really is such an amazing place, the whole family will love it. The staff are so kind and welcoming and really go out of their way to make it a special experience for everyone. 

Mamma's special mention
Big Goose also offers a monthly Story Time, check it out!

the nitty gritty


Every day during School Holidays!
10am – 4pm
Term Times:
Summer:  Wednesday – Sunday
Winter: Thursday – Sunday


Adult $19
Senior $16.50
Kids 2+ $15.50
Under 2 FREE
Family $64

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233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd