the red hill peony estate, red hill

Ahhhh peonies - arguably the worlds most favourite flower.  
These beauties only stick around for a few months from November, so are coveted and admired by many.  
The Red Hill Peony Estate opened its lovely Turkish doors this year to the public, so we all get to experience this amazing place.  
The property has been handed down to each generation since the 1880's and you can feel the love and passion the current sisters who run the place (and also live on the grounds) have.  
Mamma came on the opening weekend when only a few blooms had decided to show their faces, so the ideal time to visit is late November.
But there are still plenty of gorgeous gardens to see and explore on the estate and the bubble man kept the kids entertained for ages. There was also a playground at the property but it was closed on the day Mamma went.
Don't forget to say hi to the chooks! 

the nitty gritty

$12 entry for adults - no toilets - 800m walk to the peonies - pram friendly for the most part - purchase peonies at the cool store for $25 a bunch

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237 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill

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Mamma's special mention:
Don the gumboots and come back in the winter for the truffle hunt!