candy hair beauty salon + party room, cheltenham

Does your child find getting their haircut as traumatic as going to the dentist? If so, Mamma has your solution!

Candy Hair is the coolest kids hair salon you may ever find. Here, they get to sit in hot-rod or aeroplane styled chairs equipped with steering wheels, and they get to watch their favourite TV shows on their own personal television screens. The lovely hair stylists make them feel like a million dollars, too. They really are the sweetest hairdressers -who take time to engage kids, asking them about their favourite superheroes, and talking them through what they are going to do, keeping them calm. 

The cheerful salon is full of bright colours and stocked with toys for distraction (or bribes!)
The price for a haircut starts at $20. Whilst it may not be the cheapest salon; the patience of the hairdressers and the overall experience is definitely worth it. 

Mamma's special mentions
They also offer a party room, particularly popular with young girls, where they can all get their nails and hair done together. Click here for more info.

the nitty gritty

Mon 9am–5:30pm
Tue 9am–5:30pm
Wed 9am–5:30pm
Thu 9am–8pm
Fri  9am–8pm
Sat 9am–5pm
Sun 10am–5pm

start from $20

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Westfield Southland
1239 Nepean Hwy