interaxcity children's museum, malvern

A new city has emerged in Malvern and everyone will love it.

Head through the safety gates of this unassuming building to uncover a bustling mini community. There is everything you might expect from a little town - a supermarket, a doctor surgery, a restaurant, building site and even an airport!

Everything is pint sized with stacks of props in each location for the kids to play with as Interaxcity brings the real world to the kids in an accessible way.

There is plenty of opportunity for role playing and being a community hero - which is what the entire experience is about. They can be shop keepers one minute, a mechanic the next before turning into a dentist! The entire experience is really interactive and parents can get in on the fun too with handy prompts on the wall to assist us grown ups along the way.

Each kiddo is likely to get something different from their time here. Some kids may want to play ‘Postie’ the entire time, others will just float from one spot to another - whichever way they play it is a fun place to be and very hard place to leave.

Mamma’s special mention: After a play it is coffee time. There are two to choose from close by on High Street - Horace Street or Jacks House.

the nitty gritty

Limited sessions daily. Click here to see available times

$18 per child per 1.5 hour session.
Adults and under 1 are free. 
Best suited to ages
3 -9.

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