mess matters, moorabbin

Old Macdonald had a room, eeiiieeeeeiiioooo! And in that room there was a mess, eeeeeiiieeeeiii-ewwwww with a painty paint here - and a gluey glue there - here's some slime - there's some water - every where's a messy mess  - Old Macdonald had a shed that you don't have to clean!

How good is making a slimy mess that you don't have to clean up after!
This shed is full of all things sensory that you wouldn't want to play with at home! Every week the assortment changes. Some fundamental things will always be there; like water play, paint and playdough - but other things alternate to ensure a different experience each time you visit!

The favourite of Mamma and crew's visit had to be the slime bucket. The kids couldn't get enough of the gooey goodness running through their fingers! And, of course, the old paint and easel got a good work out as well! As did the water play, playdough and well.. everything actually!

Mamma loves to see the little ones immersed in hands-on fun; especially messy fun that doesn't involve the clean up! 
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Mamma's special mention
After all that appetite-building hard work - head around the corner to the fabulous Cool Bean Kitchen.

the nitty gritty

Tues - 9.30
Wed - 9.30am & 11am
Thur - 9.30am & 11am
Fri - 9.30am  

$15 per casual session
5 visit card - $70
10 visit card - $125

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4/3 Exley Dr

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