superzu, dingley

Be warned, this is not your every-day play centre! Do not enter this place expecting to leave after an hour. You will be here much, much longer than that. Because this place is AMAZING!

With over 2000 square metres of fully equipped floor space, you will not find anything else like it in an indoor playcentre environment. Throw in the awesome zoo theme, and you have a fully unique experience!

Where to start?
Perhaps with the massive climbing volcano - once up the top, run around the 1 kilometre of trails, tunnels, trampolines and tubes all above ground. Take a tube ride back to the bottom, jump on a safari buggy and go for a cruise?
Or perhaps toddlers might want to go to their fully enclosed section, enter the 'catch a balloon chamber' play with the air balls and pit, go for a slide and then build a sculpture with the large lego? Followed with a ride on an electric safari animal?

The possibilities are endless! This place is truly awesome - this mamma highly recommends it! 
Also worth noting is the consideration of the food menu. There are plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free and varied menu options, and the coffee is amazing!

Mamma's special mention
Looking for a party venue? You MUST check out their fabulous party rooms and packages. These rooms are exquisite with so much hand-painted detail- paired with the amazing play area - makes for the ultimate party zone! For more detail on the party packages, click here

the nitty gritty

Monday - Sunday
9.00am to 5.00pm

Kids under 1 FREE
School Days
1 - 2 years $10
3+ $15

1 -2 $10
3+ $18

Safari Animals & Safari Cars - Ride Tokens
Ride Token x 1 $3 Ride Token x 4 $10  

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362-364 Boundary Rd
 Dingley Village

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