bush kindergarten, glen eira

The team at Bush Kindergarten's philosophy is; 'We believe that immersing children into the natural setting of bush kinder, with the right care and guidance, affords them the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace.'

This Mamma totally agrees! There is nothing better than watching the little ones explore nature and learn in an nonrestrictive environment, where they are not 'boxed-in'.

Little Mamma South had the pleasure of attending a session held in the beautiful Malvern Urban Forest (that Mamma never new existed!)
These outdoor classes are led by two wonderfully lovely ladies; Natalie - who is a fully qualified kinder teacher; and Christina - who worked as a zoologist for over 10 years and now focuses on educating children about nature and science.

Each week the kids learn about different topics, as they roam and explore their stunning surroundings.
They learn about change by observing the things around them in their different forms, draw pictures of their findings, use magnifying glasses, sing songs - and so much more.

Mamma highly recommends checking out one of these classes-  childhood and exploring nature go hand in hand!

Mamma's special mention
These classes regularly move to different locations, ensuring the kids are always learning different things in different environments. To find out where they are located, click here



the nitty gritty

Thursdays - 10am
Fridays - 10am

Children must be aged 3+ however, younger siblings are welcome to come along.

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Various spots in the South

Various spots in the South