hey dee ho, langwarrin

Wanna add a bit of music to your days?
Sing, dance and rattle the hour away at one of these fantastic, educational classes.

Mamma had as much fun as the little ones at this high energy, active class.  
With so many favourite songs being sung, it's hard to pick a favourite - but, this mamma does have a soft spot for Miss Polly had a dolly - especially when the kidlets get dressed up in a doctor kit - it's hard to go past!

With a brilliant, energetic and engaging teacher like Jill, the kids are enthralled.
There are classes all over Melbourne so check them out here!

Mamma's special mention
To burn off even more energy, head down the road to Ballam Park to continue the fun!

the nitty gritty

Friday 10am - 10.45am
11am - 11.45am
Open age

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Langwarrin Community Centre
2 Lang Rd