cat cafe, melbourne

Whether you are a cat person or you are not - this is a crazy unique experience! Let Mamma explain…so yes, it is a cafe and there are over a dozen or so cats! Essentially, you can play with cats, pat the cats, brush the cats, dine with the cats and relax with the cats. It feels like you are a guest in their two story home, where they sleep and roam freely.

You are welcome to also roam freely, grab a cat toy to entice some cat play or order a snack and just watch the residents slink around! They have all kinds of places to escape to or explore and Mamma loves that these cats are all rescue cats.

On our visit here one of the feline keepers whipped out some fresh blades of grass for the cats and they came clambering from all directions to munch on some grassy goodness.
Very odd and very cool.

Mamma says this is a place for peaceful and quiet times with some special little animals. We love it. You can book a minimum of 1 hour visit (that includes a drink) and you can order more food if you like or additional time can be booked via the website.

Mamma’s special mentions: Before you get excited and tell the little ones - kiddos need to be 8 or over to enjoy and experience here!

the nitty gritty

7 days a week
closed from
1-2pm daily

Kids must be over 8
Prices start from $15 per person
(includes drink)

You do need to book to avoid disappointment click here

Wanna know more? click here