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It's BACK for 2017! The heart of Southbank will be transformed once again into an action packed winter wonderland for the July school holidays this year, when Eureka Skydeck launch the giant Melbourne Ice Slide for kids, parents and the whole of Melbourne to enjoy. 

Perfect for the winter school holidays this Ice Slide opens on July 1  – July 16, a thrilling 40-metre long, four-metre high ice slide will be set up alongside Southbank’s waterfront, allowing passers-by to experience the thrill of riding an inflatable tube on the exhilarating journey down the slide.

The Mamma's plucked up the courage and gave the slide a whirl last year and what can we say - It is FAST!

Once you are seated in the tube, a push off the edge and you go flying down the ramp along the ice. There is a short stretch of flat and some artificial turf to slow down the tube before an abrupt stop at the padded mats. It really is not for the faint hearted! The little kids (under five) can be seated on an adult's lap.  If they are old enough (we feel probably around 6 years) they can even jump on the side on their own in a much smaller tube! In fact our Miss 6's loved it so much they kept going back for more!

Mamma's special mention: Why not make your trip to the city this winter a FULL icy adventure and have a spin at the River Rink at Fed Square? Sessions run for 45 minutes and is a great addition to your city adventure this winter.  

the nitty gritty

from July 1 - July 16

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

$12 for three slides
$20 for six slides!
(tickets purchased onsite)

Located at Southbank

PLEASE NOTE: The Ice slide does not operate in rain as it can be unsafe and no wet weather gear needed!

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in front of Eureka Skydeck