Getting Silly with Justine Clarke

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Have you heard the news?! Justine Clarke has her new Silly Songs, and is touring Melbourne! We CANNOT WAIT!

We all know Justine Clarke is an incredibly talented musician, actor and children's entertainer. She has spent decades on our TV screens and is a well known and loved household name. 

The Mamma Knows Melbourne Mamma's love her so much, we kind of want to adopt her into our gang.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to interview her for her upcoming Silly Songs Melbourne Tour, and just had to get to the bottom of some juicy questions. Does Justine REALLY love Watermelon? Find out below!

1. Justine, you have been a part of all of these Mamma's lives for such a long time, we feel like we are buddies. Our kids  are glued to the screen as soon as they hear your voice. Tell us, who was someone that inspired you to get into music? Who was your idol growing up?
I have many people who have been my musical guides. Apart from my parents I think my biggest influence were my primary school teachers. Passion is a pure driving force and to a child it can’t be denied. I had many passionate music teachers in primary school that I will never forget. ABBA were my first big musical love and I’ll never forget the first time I heard a band play. It blew my mind. It was Galapagos Duck, legends in the jazz scene since the 1970’s.

2. What do you love performing the most, Live shows or Television?
I love live performance the most because there’s real risk involved and when it works it can be unforgettable. 

3. Has anything really gone wrong before a live show - in real life - where the show just had to go on?
I’ve been very very sick and just had to go on. Somehow you find a way. The idea behind the phrase in my television show is more that we just pick up and keep going. If something goes wrong or doesn’t go your way there’s always another way to look at it, another way around the problem.

4. Your new tour is all about Silly Songs and audience interaction. We hear that you will be sending out rehearsal videos so kids can learn all the words and exactly will this work?
I want the kids to experience part of the preparation of putting on a show, and mainly it’s about getting kids and families to send in videos of themselves dancing and singing so they can see themselves up on the screen at the show. 

5. If everywhere is a dancefloor... where is the most craziest place you have busted a move?
 I’m often known to dance down the aisles of the supermarket much to my eight year old’s amusement and embarrassment. 

6. We all know you're a fabulous musician, but you are also a Mamma. Can you tell us what you found to be the most challenging part of becoming a Mamma?
 The sudden change in underwear and the way the first three months felt like one very, very long day. 

7. What's your go to relaxation tip?
 Meditation or running, I’ve only been able to do that now that my kids are older. It used to just be sleep!

8. Describe how you would spend your perfect family day? 
Late breakfast, no driving, cheese toasties for dinner, family movie, early to bed with a book. 

9. Do you have a favourite place or memory of Melbourne? 
Everything about Melbourne is a favourite memory, we have life long friends in Melbourne. We were an Elwood family so we will always miss the community there which was based around the St Kilda City Football Club which we loved. We miss the delicious Yo Chi in East St Kilda, frozen yoghurt is just not a thing in Sydney like it is in Melbourne. 

10. What's the question that you get asked the most (please don't say this one?)
“What do you like doing best of all the different things you do?” It’s a  hard one to answer because it’s usually just whatever I’m doing at the time! 

11. And the burning question.... do you REALLY love Watermelon?
Yes but I love lots of fruit. I have a song about a banana now so I’m starting to branch out. 

We cannot WAIT to see Justine's show, it is sure to be incredible!

Click here for more info.

Justine wants YOU to send in videos of your silly songs and dance to be featured at the concert! Check out more info here.


the nitty gritty 

When is Justine's Silly Songs Melbourne Tour?
Sunday 23rd September
10am & 12pm
Hamer Hall

$39.30 + booking fee

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