having fun with Lah-Lah!

Lah-Lah and her Big Live Band are coming back to Melbourne with their brand new Having Fun Tour! The band is known to put on super fun shows - get up to sing and dance in the aisles kind of fun. Plus after their 50 minute show meet the band and get up close to Lola and the other instruments too! Mamma caught up with Tina Harris aka Lah-Lah to get the ins and outs of our favourite stripy gang! 

What is the best thing about being in a big live band? Oh that is too hard! The Music, the musicians that play in it or the fact that after every live show we come into the audience and invite kids to touch and play the musical instruments.

Do you play an instrument too? Well I studied the alto saxophone at school, played a bit of piano but singing is the one that stuck. I’ve always been a singer.

What is your fave Lah-Lah episode? Hmmm I think High or Low for the Show. Each Lah-Lah episode was actually designed around the songs in it and the educational element in that song, so the song Big Bold and Brassy is all about the trumpet and trombone but also high and low sounds in music. We try always with Lah-Lah to have 2 layers, one is pure entertainment and the other is education.  

What is your BEST dance move? I don’t have one! No seriously, we always joke that Lah-Lah has her own daggy dance style. I love dancing in the show and when I’m in costume but I wouldn’t say I have “moves” ironically, but my kids are amazing dancers, not sure where that gene came from.

Where does the name Lah Lah come from? Well it was originally “Wah-Wah” because our youngest Emily (aka Squirt) was a really loud kid, she was always wah wah-ing but when we went to register the name it was taken and Lah-Lah seemed to be a much better musical choice.

You are amazing Lah-Lah and the Mamma’s are huge fans of your music and your positive outlook.  As a busy Mamma with two girls of your own – how do you keep up with all that motherhood throws at you? I don’t and I think it’s important to own that. I always have huge to do lists and I never even scratch the surface of them, but somehow, the things at the bottom eventually end up at the top and things get done. I’m a big dreamer, I have big plans and Mark jokes that the scariest thing I can say on any given day is “Hey honey, I’ve got an idea…”. We try to take the girls with us whenever we’re on tour but as they are getting older I know this is going to get more difficult, but for now it kind of works. I’m also a big meditator, love it. I get up 20 minutes before the kids every day. It’s 20 mins for me, my defrag of my internal hard drive.

Finally – We know you are a coffee drinker – This Mamma is fueled by caffeine....Your Melbourne favourite?
Well that’s where I really need some help Melbourne families, where should we go? I love Melbourne because you have so many amazing coffee shops. It used to be quite stressful on show mornings, Mister Saxophone would jump onto the Bean Hunter app and we’d try and find the nearest coffee shop with good coffee. We had some good success and some not so good so last year the band pitched in and we bought a machine that we now take on the road for those early morning starts. Emily (who’s 12) job on the road is band barrister so when we get to the venue she sets up the coffee machine and makes everyone’s orders. Very funny and works great! This is how she earns her pocket money and a great life skill to have. But please, I’d love some suggestions so please give me your top ideas!

Ok, if you insist - when you are in Chelsea - YOU MUST try out the coffee at the The Wholesome Nest in Carrum (not far!) and 2 Feet First and when you are in Malvern The Pour Kids is excellent! 

the nitty gritty 

July  - Malvern
July 8 - Chelsea

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