nourish escapes, melbourne

How often do you get a chance to spend A WHOLE WEEKEND to solely focus on yourself? Well, for this Mamma it had been a very long time and was well overdue!

The fantastic concept, Nourish Escapes, gives you the opportunity to 'retreat' from all of your responsibilities for a while, and focus on reconnecting with yourself as you participate in guided meditation classes; push yourself - and use muscles you didn't know existed - in HIIT classes; cool down with gentle mindful movement classes and then nourish your body with delicious healthy meals - that you don't have to make or clean up after!

Sounds like heaven, right? It really is! Not to mention the beautiful locations and accommodation.
Your wonderful hosts really do make sure you have a relaxing break from the stress of everyday life.  You can follow the program schedule or you can choose to have a sleep in if you like! There is also plenty of free time to go for a walk or read that book you have been meaning to read. 
And don't be fooled by the 'healthy' aspect - you can still enjoy chocolate and wine too! 

Grab some friends, your sister, celebrate your birthday or spend some quality YOU time! You will LOVE it.
This Mamma will be back!

the nitty gritty

What is included? 
• 2 nights accommodation
• All your meals! Plus healthy snacks + refreshments
• Healthy Eating Workshops
• Mindful Movement Classes
• HIIT Classes
• Guided Meditation Classes
• Self Massage Class
• Outdoor Activities
• Take Home Care Pack filled with workouts, recipes + more!

All activities are optional, you can tailor to suit your fitness + energy levels.

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