hank marvin market, st kilda east

Every Saturday morning, on the path along to Alma Park, the Hank Marvin market sets ups its stalls and brings the community out for a chat and a bite to eat. The market has a real mix of food trucks and stalls, piping hot and ready to eat! Hank Marvin is of course, always STARVIN'!!! Stacks of pastries, huge paella, freshly squeezed juices and some fine looking toasties - be sure to do a lap of the triangle before you make your decisions to avoid potential food envy. All stall holders are particularly proud of their masterpieces and you will even find Melbourne's 'best' (apparently) hot chocolate right next to the mushroom burgers! You will also find a huge communal chalkboard ready for the junior masterpieces as well as face painting stalls and hoola hooping. Keep your eyes peeled for the Mexican Music man and jugglers before you head to Alma Park for a play. 

Mamma's special mention:

BIG BURGER BIANNUAL happening on Labour Day - 12th March!
There will be burgers, chips, drinks and desserts to feed the masses; and, of course, lots of kid friendly activities to keep the little ones entertained.

YOU MUST go and visit the greyhounds! Gumtree Greyhounds have a stall at Hank Marvin once a fortnight and they have to be the most gentle dogs around. This recuse organisation assist in the rehousing and adoption of ex-racing dogs. Be sure to say hi to Violet and Rose! 

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Dandenong Road
St Kilda East

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