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The South Melbourne market is such a fave of Mamma's. You can get the best of everything at this 150 year old market - and I mean everything.  The fruit and veg, meat and seafood are amazing. The specialty shops are filled with all kinds of fantastic and cool AND different products.  You could literally spend the whole day just buying and browsing - luckily the car park is close (on the roof) so you can keep dropping your purchases and then keep shopping!  This is the home of the amazing South Melbourne Market Dim Sim so get in line for one of these beauties and please don't go past the freshly shucked oysters...

Mamma's special mention:

During the month of September, there will be a month-long festival packed with fun for the kids, learning for adults and activities based on sustainability that the whole family can partake in! 
Don't miss Inking Kombi's - Ink Drip Coffee exhibition. Read more about it

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Don't miss Wednesdays 9.30-11.30 with Fairy Petunia. A 30 minute show for the little ones with bubbles, songs, storytime, activities, games, songs and colouring. Free, just drop in! Check in here to see what's on.

Please note, Fairy Petunia’s program is repeated every 30 minutes.

the nitty gritty 

Wed - Fri - Sun
Sat 8-5.

Paid parking (2 hours free on market days) - Wanna know more?

Coventry St & Cecil Street, South Melbourne

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