alma park, st kilda east

Alma Park is pretty special! A unique collection of features - some you will never see anywhere else! Massive amount of space with some cool, at least three distinct play zones and a little something for all ages. There are flying foxes, super fast slides, swings and wetlands woven through the gardens as well. There is an absolute stunning gum tree that is surrounded by a wooden boardwalks structure with slides, firemans pole and climbing nets, as well as space beneath for play. This brilliant tree house will have your kids running laps to go down the slide AGAIN! Head up the hill towards the toilets and you will find a castle that is easy to climb and home to some wooden creatures. But what really captures your eye when you are at Alma Park - the glittery and shiny structure at the top of the playspace. A massive pair of eyes with fabulous lashes and a mouth is an imaginary monster otherwise known as the slug. You will find the bigger kids drawn to this spot with the more challenging equipment as they climb up, down and around this beautiful beast! 

Mamma's special mention: Each Saturday this entire block comes alive with the Hank Marvin Market setting up next door. A brilliant food market that is perfect for Saturday brunch and lunch! There is also the iconic Jerry's Milkbar close by to get some food and magnificent milkshakes!

the nitty gritty

partly shaded - toilets - bbqs - drink taps - pram accessible - picnic seating - street parking - off leash dog park nearby - close to public transport