bayport reserve, langwarrin

This great local reserve has recently had a face-lift, and, wow, does it look great!
They’ve put a huge emphasis on nature play here, incorporating lots of wooden equipment and climbing logs that are surrounded by wide open space and lots of new trees planted. Ensuring that in years to come all the new equipment will be under the cover of trees.

For now, there are existing trees that provide some shade to parts like the see-saws and climbing blocks.
There’s equipment to suit all ages, which means some of it is a little challenging and some parent assistance may be needed for the little ones.
There’s a sandpit with a drum and a sort of cubby-house in the middle; a large structure with ropes and mats to climb up; slides and poles to dismount; little tunnels to hide in; cement paths to ride on and a couple of picnic tables.
Mamma also hasn’t yet come across a 5-way swing like they have, and Little Miss wasn’t too sure how to use it (either was Mamma!). Oh, and another first was a fun-house mirror!
Lots of fun to have here folks!

Mamma's special mention:
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the nitty gritty

picnic tables - free parking- some shade

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