dolomore reserve, parkdale

This Mamma LOVES a little treasure of a playground! One that is off the beaten track and tucked in a beautiful side street. One that has an old school wooden treetop style; yet with many modern twists. One with a giant climbing tree for exploring. One with a sandpit and digger for excavations. One with a spinny-whizzy-careful-not-to-loose-your-lunch spinner. And one that you can close the gate behind you, safe with the knowledge that the little ones are contained.
These playgrounds are a super lifesaver for when you need somewhere different to hang out on a beautiful day in between the hustle and bustle of family life. 

Mamma's special mention
Hungry after a play? Head down the road to the wonderful Oscar's Hangout to refuel!

the nitty gritty

picnic shelter - toilets - some shade - great climbing tree - fully fenced - athletics track nearby - tennis courts nearby

2 Queens Street Parkdale

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