healthland circuit children's park, cranbourne east

This is such a cute little park. It offers a heap of imaginative play options, where kids can create their own story as to why there are giant eggs scattered throughout!

It’s a very ‘in touch with nature’ park, with lots of little tree stumps and wooden beams to balance on, logs to sit on, huge leafy trees and little wooden Australian animal statues.
There’s a giant wooden nest (hence the eggs) that you climb up to, with speakers and binoculars and two slides to dismount; a sandpit, swings and a musical pipe instrument that makes really beautiful sounds.
Pack your bike/scooter/skateboard as there are bike paths and little jumps as well.
A hidden treasure!

Mamma's special mention
Want to explore outdoors some more? Head over to the awesome Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.

the nitty gritty

bbq facilities - shaded area - picnic tables - free parking - no toilets

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