tatterson 'big bug' park, keysborough

Talk about magic. As soon as you step through the magnifying glass you and the family will shrink and the bugs become GIANT. Be sure to be on the look out for spiders, ants, a beehive and a lady bird or too! Think Bugs Life crossed with Honey I Shrunk The Kids! The Tatterson Park Playspace is great for the imagination and it is huge. Completely covered in shade sails it is great all year round, though can get a little boggy in the wetter months. Apart from bugs there are a couple of play structures, plenty of things to climb and have I mentioned it is a massive space? Add six swings, a great big sand pit and a spinning structure and plenty of playing fields alongside, it makes this playground a Mamma's big hit!

Mamma's special mentions: If you need to refuel somewhere nearby, head over to Garden World and check out the dinosaurs while you are at it! 

the nitty gritty

shade sails - public toilets - bbs - picnic seating - football fields nearby - walking tracks - sand