yamala park playground, frankston south

Mamma loves a park upgrade - especially a themed park!
This one is all about tennis. Located beside a tennis court, the playground makes you feel like you are playing on your own private court. It’s built entirely on a bright blue soft-fall mat with white lines and green equipment.
It is quite small, consisting of two in-ground trampolines, one large twisty slide and one smaller slide, swings, rock climbing wall, cubed climbing net, two giant tennis ball statues, rocks to climb and a green snake path.
There’s no shade cloth, but lots of trees that do provide some shaded areas.
Mamma must note that the climbing cube - the only way to access the big slide - is quite tricky and not suitable for under 5s.

Mamma's special mention:
Feel like a treat? Follow Nepean Highway until you reach the delicious Rebel Donuts!

the nitty gritty

- free parking - no toilets

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