flinders blowhole, flinders

This place is AWESOME!
With black sand, rocks and cliffs - it’s unlike other seasides along the Peninsula. The scenery is simply stunning, no matter what direction you look in.
Park your car at Flinders Blowhole lookout, and take the steps down the wooden boardwalk, through the rocky cliffs leading to ‘elephant rock’.

It is here that you will find the rock formation that causes the blowhole effect. You can walk out on the rocks and discover lots of little rockpools as well as one large pool to investigate. Just be careful as the rocks can get slippery especially around the moss.

The kids can collect some cool shells scattered through the black sand, and if you’re lucky one of the many birds you may spot could be an eagle.

Mamma could spend hours here listening to those waves crash. Such a cool spot.

Mamma's special mention:
You have to check out the delicious Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie whilst you’re in Flinders!


the nitty gritty

Open 24 hours

no dogs allowed.

Does get very slippery and the waves can be very large - so be cautious at all times.

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