indigenous cultural walk, rye

Are you ready to experience something truly unique and incredible?
Mamma HIGHLY recommends this amazing guided cultural walk.

The backdrop to this informative walk is the spectacular Rye back beach.
Surrounded by cliffs and sand dunes, whilst listening to the music of waves crashing on rocks - you feel like you are in the middle of a spiritual wonderland.

Led by the fascinating and charismatic guide, Lionel; you will learn all about edible plants and berries, medicinal herbs, tips and tricks of indigenous elders, and share his knowledge of the ancient culture and history of this wonderful landscape.

Once on the top of the cliff, Lionel will play the didgeridoo and lead you in a meditation with the sounds of waves crashing and falcons flying overhead.

If on offer, Mamma highly recommends taking part in the didgeridoo healing meditation. The vibration of the didgeridoo going up and down your back is unlike anything you have likely experienced!

Mamma's Special Mention
This amazing walk is packaged with a bathing experience from the Peninsula Hot Springs, which is just the cherry on top to a perfect morning outdoors!

the nitty gritty

Packaged deals with The Peninsula Hot Springs happen the first Saturday of the month.
Guided walks go for around 2 hours, however, the walk itself is less than 2kms.
Not pram/wheelchair friendly.

Check website here for more infortmation

Meet at Number 16 Beach Carpark, Rye

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