pyramid rock, phillip island

Is there anything better than the sound of waves crashing in the ocean? This Mamma thinks not. And it doesn't sound better than at this place! 

All your senses will be heightened as you take a stroll down the boardwalk. You'll feel the wind whip against your face; salty air will fill your nostrils and your eyes will be widened by the breathtaking scenery surrounding you.
If you are lucky, you will even hear the crow of an eagle flying above. If you are super dooper lucky, you may even spot a whale frolicking in the ocean.

Mamma absolutely LOVES this place. It's a short stroll, so perfect for the kids (you can take the pram up to a certain point). There are further walking tracks around if you want more of a challenge as well. 

If you love the ocean - this is one place you really need to add to your list!

Mamma's special mention
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Open 24 hours

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535 Pyramid Rock Rd, Ventnor

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