solar system trail, st kilda foreshore

Feel like walking on the Sun? How about a trip to Mars?
Well - you are in luck!

Thanks to some talented artists and scientists  - a model of our solar system, to a scale of one to one billion,  has been created along a path from St Kilda Marina towards Port Melbourne. 

The trail starts at the sun sculpture, near the white lighthouse in Marina Reserve. Follow the path further along to visit the eight planets, accurately scaled to size and distance. You can walk to the first five planets within twenty minutes. with the furthest planet, Pluto making the total trip around 90 minutes.

This a perfect adventure to take the kids on - combining education, exercise and enjoyment in one big bundle! Not to mention the incredibly picturesque surrounds of stunning St Kilda!

Mamma's special mention
Whist your journey will take you past a few pit stops for refreshment - why not end your adventure at the iconic (and delicious) Jerry's Milkbar?

the nitty gritty

Here is the way it works - every millimetre you walk is 1000 kilometres. Every centimetre you walk is 10,000 kilometres. Every metre you walk (one and a half steps) is 1,000,000 kilometres. When you walk 5.9 kilometres from the Sun (Marina Reserve) to Pluto (Port Melbourne), you have travelled 5.9 billion kilometres.

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from Marina Reserve, St kilda to Port Melbourne