red gum bbq, red hill

Mamma can’t believe that the crew had not visited this amazing place sooner!
It really is the perfect family restaurant.
There’s a large play area for the kids, keeping them occupied for ages. They also have pencils and paper on the tables for when you manage to get them away from the play area!

The tables here are long wooden benches; the communal dining adding to the great atmosphere.
The food is AMAZING! It is ‘Aussie-smoked, American-style BBQ’, and it is simply divine.

The meat is slow-cooked in a large smoker, which fills the shed with a smokey scent.
The menu is predominantly meat-filled, however - there are still lots of options for vegetarians like; creamy mac and cheese, creole cobb corn, salads and delicious fries. (Unfortunately, there are no Vegan options)

There’s also a great selection of local beer and wine to sample, as well as speciality cocktails.

Mamma says this is a MUST VISIT!

Mamma's special mention:
Red Hill is home to so much fun!
Feel like fruit picking? Head to Ripe n Ready Cherry Farm or Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.
Looking for adventure? Head to Enchanted Adventure Garden.
Thirsty? Green Olive Winery is perfectly kid-friendly.


The nitty gritty 

11am to 9pm all of January.


Wednesday - Sunday
11am - 9pm

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87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill

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