amaze n things, cowes

As cliched as it sounds, this place seriously is AMAZING! There is just SO much fun packed in here, Mamma was overwhelmed at where to begin!

You start off in a gravity defying room where your senses are completely scattered. (Best to not have a wine with lunch before coming here - Mamma learned the hard way!) There are doors and entrance ways that lead to different themed rooms, each one more spectacular and kooky than the next.
There are some cool gravity tricks and experiences on the way through to the next rooms and from there on in, it is all about illusions, magic, time travel (Mamma LOVED the time travel machine) scare rooms, slides, bunnies and even a ride!

Then, of course there is the maze! This is huge and challenging - and lots of fun.

Set aside a couple of hours for this one, as you will want to take your time and explore EVERYTHING it has on offer.

Mamma's special mentions
Built up an appetite? Head down the road to the delicious, family friendly restaurant Citrus and Vine.

the nitty gritty

7 days a week
10am - 5pm

Adults from - $35
Kids from - $23
Family - $105
Plus add on for extra activities

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