pelican feeding, san remo

Every family trip to Phillip Island must include watching the Pelican feeding!
It’s amazing how they all seem to know when 12pm approaches. They slowly gather around the foreshore, waiting patiently for their lunch to arrive.

This has been happening for over 30 years and on a daily basis you can find anywhere from 5 to 30 hungry Pelicans.
You may even be lucky like this Mamma, and view some stingrays swimming along the waters edge.

This is a great attraction, not only for entertainment purposes, but it’s also a great lesson on the environment and what we can do to help ensure the protection of these amazing creatures.
Mamma’s crew was entranced and loved watching how they all fought over their tucker.

Mamma's special mentions
Head across the road to San Remo Bakehouse for some great brekky, Westernport Hotel for lunch or dinner. Or have a play at the nearby San Remo Playground

the nitty gritty


12pm every day on the foreshore near the San Remo pier


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