acrokids, mornington peninsula

If your kids are anything like Mamma’s, they love to move! Cartwheels, somersaults - attempted backflips - you name it they will try it!

That’s why these classes are IDEAL to contain their energy.
Acrokids classes have assorted groups for different ages and abilities. Each class runs for an hour and teach the basic aspects of acrobatics. Basically, they take all of the really fun parts of a Gymnastic class and focus on those.
It’s loads of fun and really good exercise, too! Mamma’s crew are red-faced and sweat soaked within the first 15 minutes! Oh and parents - you don’t miss out either. There is an Acro-fit class for adults!

The classes run weekly and also offer workshops every school holidays. These are great, as they run for 2 hours and the parents can head down the road and get a coffee in peace! Oh - and the kids LOVE them, too!

Mamma's special mention:
Worked up an appetite after all that exercise? Head down the road to the delicious Rebel Donuts for a treat.

the nitty gritty 

Weekly Classes from ages 1+ across two locations.
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School Holiday workshops available here

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