bicentennial park, chelsea

Gigantic slides, smurf village, skate park - what more can you want?

Oh, ok then, throw in a musical hut, sand pit, train, swings of all shapes and sizes, exercise equipment, monkey bars, BBQ facilities, dog park and a huge oval - and you have arguably the BEST park in the South!

If you haven't been before, it is truly worth the visit, your kids will be little balls of energy and bounce around all of the fabulous equipment.

If you are lucky, frequent visitor - Mr Whippy will be on hand to offer some refreshments!

Mamma's special mention: if you find that the kids still want to play - or the weather takes a turn, why not head to The Silly Seahorse playcentre, just around the corner?
If you are hungry The Little Sheepish is perfect for kids, with their own kids corner and Alice in Wonderland theme.

the nitty gritty

BBQ facilities - 
public toilets/change room -
fully fenced -
- all abilities equipment

Thames Promenade & Scotch Parade