mentone racecourse reserve, mentone

Giddy-up! Get on your horse - you will want to race to this park!

Mamma cannot believe that our little crew hadn't visited this phenomenal park before! We didn't even know that it existed!

It is a huge reserve with a duck/fish/eel filled lake in the middle. Two little bridges take you across it, with two separate play grounds on either side.
The reserve is set on the site of the old Mentone Racecourse, and carries a horse theme throughout.
There are ride-on rocking horses, horse-jumps, a wooden maze, jockey and life-size horse statues, and horses painted on the play equipment.

The play equipment is amazing; a zip-liner, basketball court, merry-go-round, nest swing, maze, slides, climbing net, swings, viewing platform with binoculars, sandpit, diggers, - it goes on..

Plus there are BBQ facilities and picnic tables under shade, making it a perfect place for a picnic.

This is truly beautiful reserve, and an action-packed park, and has possible become this Mamma's new favourite!

Mamma's special mention
Hungry after all that play? Just a short drive away is the delicious Ginger Fox Cafe.

the nitty gritty

toilet facilities - BBQ - picnic tables- bench seats - some shaded area - lake with ducks - basketball court - maze - zip liner -free parking - open spaces for picnics

40-50 Glenelg Drive

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