playgroup in focus - selandra community hub playgroup, clyde north

Mamma cannot stress how important Playgroup is. Not just for the little ones - but for their carers as well. It is a chance to get out of the house, bond with other parents and enjoy watching their kids learn and play.

This fantastic, fairly new, playgroup in Selandra has so much to offer. It already has a great turn out with kids of all ages and backgrounds eager to discover new things. Each week the carers help set up and take  turns to read a story and bring their own ideas for fun to the table. 
There are so many different areas for exploration: playdough, craft station, musical instruments, puzzles, dolls, tent, tunnels, train sets and more!

This is such a great, supported environment and a really invaluable rescource for all families. 

Mamma's special mention
Kids still wanna play? You can't go past the awesome Casey Fields playground, only a few minutes away!

the nitty gritty

Wednesdays & Fridays 10.00am - 11.30am

$2 per family

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7/9 Selandra Blvd, Clyde North