forrest caves, newhaven

If you only do ONE thing in Phillip Island, make sure it is THIS! Forget the penguins - head for the caves! (Not really, as if you would go to Phillip Island and NOT visit the penguins!)
That being said, this was the highlight of our most recent trip for Little Mister, and one of Mamma’s faves, too.
There’s a little spot along the amazingly impressive Bass Strait, that is home to these caves. The caves were formed by many years of cliff erosion and are INCREDIBLE.
At low tide, you can walk right into the middle of these caves and explore; the views are sensational. Make sure to visit at very low tide; Mamma didn’t quite get the timing right, and it proved to be a bit of an adventure - getting stuck on a rock ledge with rising tide, in freezing water! (This may be why Little Mister loved it so much, an element of danger!)
There really is something so magical here. It’s a mixture of the white sand, the red caves and those huge cliffs - accompanied by the sound of the crashing waves - pure HEAVEN. Oh, and keep an eye out for wallabies too!
Make time for this one, folks!

Mamma's special mention:
All that adventure builds up an appetite! Luckily the amazing Cape Kitchen is down the road - this place has the most SPECTACULAR views in Phillip Island!


the nitty gritty

To explore the caves, make sure you get there at low tide.
Park at Forrest Caves car park and it is about a 1km walk.

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Forrest Caves car park,
Phillip Island Road, Newhaven

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