rickett's point marine sanctuary, beaumaris

There's nothing quite like seeing the joy and wonder on your little ones face as they discover something new, throw in the added bonus of splashing about in puddles, and you have the perfect adventure.

Mamma has grown up with these rockpools at the beautiful Rickett's Point seaside in Beaumaris; and it is one of the best places in world! (Ok, Mamma may be a little biased).

The marine sanctuary is home to many waterbirds - even ducks and swans at times -  starfish, crabs, fish and pelicans! Search in the all the rockpool nooks and see what you can find! 

The sandstone rocks are fairly flat, and not too slippery, making it perfect for little ones to explore. 

There are walking paths nearby that take you along the bay, boasting spectacular views. There are also picnic tables and lots of grassy areas, perfect for a picnic lunch!
Of course, as you are at the beach - there's plenty of sand and thousands of shells so bring your bucket and spades, and don't forget to slip, slop slap!


Mamma's special mention
After all your marine discovering, head across to the awesome Rickett's Point Cafe for some refreshments!


the nitty gritty

Open 24 hours

public toilet facilities - ticketed parking

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243 Beach Rd, Beaumaris

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