heatherton 'troll' park, clayton

If I told you there was a playground that has been taken over by trolls ... would you believe me? Big, chunky, who’s-that-trip-trapping-over-my-bridge TROLLS! Well they sure are! Heatherton Park in Clayton South is most commonly known as Troll Park and it is a ripper! Heaps of variety of equipment that suits many age groups, spread out throughout the space with lots of goulash features. A little hidden is the monstrous wrought iron walk way. Things to bash, crash and make a hell of a noise - grrrrrrr - Mamma is not sure if it is to attract or detract more trolls! This playground also has about half a dozen slides, more than any other park that Mamma can think of. The most significant is the giant mouth with three tongues. There can't be too many other places that three generations can race to the bottom of the slide! 

Mamma's special mention: If you and your kids love a themed park be sure to visit the slug at Alma Park, set sail with the pirates at Pirate Park,  OR hang out with the bugs at Tatterson Park!

the nitty gritty 

some shade - bbqs - public toilets - basketball court - limited parking - picnic shelter - walking paths nearby 

Direct access to the park at end of Ireland Road Clayton South